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The Los Lagos Golf Course offers mentoring and golf training that promises to enhance your performance and appreciation for the game of golf. Instruction at Los Lagos will provide a lifelong recreational activity that is valuable and satisfying in the physical, psychological, emotional and social realms of your life. Discover camaraderie, competition, joy, exercise, sharing, friendships, fulfillment, nature, and accomplishment. Los Lagos instructional programs make golf fun - Fun invites participation, which generates self-exploration and growth.

If you are looking to improve your game or have a question, speak with our team of PGA Professionals:

Matt Flenniken
PGA Director of Instruction
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Northern California's most prolific instructor and club fitting expert. Matt has taught golf swing, golf mind management business golf and club fitting worldwide for three decades. This highly valued instructor renders services based out of Silicon Valley (San Jose Ca.) 

Scot Hathaway
PGA Director of Instruction
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Programs Available

  • Private Instruction
  • Junior & Group Instruction
  • Club Fitting
  • Specialty Seminars

Lesson Rates

Regular Golf Lessons

Single Individual Private Lesson -- $75

  • Customized and tailored to your needs. Includes all areas of play, 30 - 45 minutes.

Semi-Private Single Lesson -- $110

  • Two players sharing lesson time; great for couples or friends; or parent & child

Package One -- $270

  • Four private sessions. For any player - whether looking for fundamental, developmental, or advanced training.

Package Two -- $375

  • Six private, tailored lessons. All areas of play can be explored. Bring balance and consistency into your play.

Package Three -- $500

  • Performance development system. Goal setting, specialty shots, sensory management, and sports psychology. 9 sessions in all.

Semi Private Series (two players) -- $500

  • Five shared lessons in series for couples or friends. A learn together, play together package

Playing Lesson -- $175

  • Strategy; course management, error correction; and problem solving; 9-holes total.

Club Fitting Lesson -- $75

Los Lagos also offers state-of-the-art club fitting services. We are proud to have on staff Matt Flenniken, the first California professional to institute "dynamic club fitting", and a pioneer of dynamic club fitting worldwide. Mr. Flenniken has fit more custom clubs than any other PGA professional nationwide. Three time winner of the PGA's Club Fitter of the Year award, Matt Flenniken offers players twenty years of club fitting experience and knowledge.

"Equipment effects motion and ball flight," says Matt. "It's more than a new set of clubs, it's about getting a set or club that actually promotes and rewards a proper swing".

A club-fitting lesson is about one of the most effective things a player can do for his/her game. Sign up for a club fitting by calling Matt at 408.361.0250 x16

Specialty Seminars

The Director of Instruction, Matt Flenniken, conducts educational seminars of varying topics throughout the year. Sign up for our mailing list.

Junior Program (7-12 years of age)

  • Individual Sessions -- $50
  • Series of Four Individual -- $160
  • Series of Four Semi-Private -- $200
  • Junior Golf Camp -- VARIES

New to Golf? Learn all the fundamentals and get ready to play on the course with this series of five lessons. 4 to 10 players per session.